We have helped thousands of animals in the area. Whether we are matching families with their forever friend or helping with our Spay/Neuter program, we are here to help the Quincy area. Below you will find several testimonials of happy families and animals!


Magi  Zane

It had been almost four years since I had had to put my last pair of cats to sleep and I finally felt the time was right to bring two more home. I had never adopted from the Humane Society because it always broke my heart to see all of those homeless animals– I was afraid I’d take them all home! But I saw Magi & Zane’s pictures on the website and knew I had to meet them. After spending one Friday afternoon playing with them, I was hooked! They’ve been home almost four months now and are lovable, funny balls of energy! Zane is rambunctious and all boy, but can be very affectionate. Magi is sweet and demure. I can’t remember what life was like before them! Every time I see them relaxed and napping, or hear their purrs of contentment, I know adopting them from the Humane Society was the right idea!                                                                                                                   



Just wanted to send a quick note to each of you, whose work with/for the animals makes all our lives better – to say THANK YOU!
Your friend Bubba, who has become my Bounty, has settled in nicely. He and I have been together this afternoon for a week … and we have, literally, been together almost every minute of that time as he gets adjusted to his new home. We’ve become quite attached to one another and while he may remember life before, he has made a worthy adaptation to this routine of love and care and lots of attention. That makes me happy!
My vet here saw him today and we completed all the local paperwork to get him registered and tagged. And as you can see by the attached samples, his first photo shoot was quite a success.

Thanks for everything.



I lost my dog to Cancer this past January; just shy of her 15th birthday.  One day she was fine the next she was going into a permanent sleep in my arms.  Like any other dog owner would have been, I was devastated and that final act of love is brutal on the emotions.  I knew that I’d never have another dog again because I live alone and I still work.   I adopted my first girl because I’d been a doggie sitter for her in the past and she knew my house, my routine and she was more than content to sleep the day away.  When her owner had to give her up, I took her in as my own.  The chances of finding something similar to that again were next to nothing.  Sometime in March I got pushed and shoved and prodded into looking at a couple of online pet adoption websites by well-meaning friends who decided for themselves that I needed another dog.  I agreed to look mainly to get those friends off of my back.  I also told them that I would only look for another dog like the girl I’d had: half Corgi -half Chow.   I had the only one on earth and she was gone so I wasn’t planning on running into another.  Then the unexpected happened and I bumped into a photo of Cora.  It turns out there were two on earth.  She was a zillion miles away in Quincy, Illinois, and I wasn’t ready for another dog, so that was that…. except that every day I went back to their website and looked at this girl; over and over again.  It was almost as if she were looking back at me too.  Finally I got up the courage to send QHS an email asking about her and I told them that I was from out of state and that I lived alone and still worked- at least part of the day, and I wondered if that ruled me out as a possible adopter.  Angela from QHS emailed me back right away and told me that there was no problem with any of those things. She also told me a few things about Cora that I needed to know; mainly that Cora was a real sweetheart, but she didn’t play well with other dogs and she didn’t particularly like little kids either.  I sensed right away that there were higher powers at work here because I’d somehow found another female Corgi/Chow that had the same traits as my late girl- who also didn’t like little kids or other dogs…. and this girl needed a home.

Following a few more emails back and forth with Angela, I finally bit the bullet and filled out an adoption application and Angela had it back in her hands in only a couple of days.  She wasted no time in contacting my vet here in Wisconsin, and he must have told her some good things because I had a phone message from her that same day telling me that I’d been approved to adopt Cora.  Once the ball got rolling it apparently moved quickly. When the weather finally broke I called Angela and told her I’d be there to meet Cora and if we approved of each other and they approved of me, I’d bring her home the following day.

It was a gloomy twenty degrees the day that I set off for Quincy- and 65 degrees and sunny when I got there some 6 1/2 hours later.  A good omen if ever there was one.  I checked into hotel not far from QHS and then I went to meet Cora in person.  She was in the lobby when I got there and I kPicture1new who she was immediately.  Evidently no one else was in the appointment book to see Cora that day because everybody there knew who I was and they almost treated me like a celebrity!  The folks at QHS gave us our own room to get acquainted and I’d brought some dog treats with me so Cora decided pretty quickly that I was okay.  While we were getting acquainted they told me about how Cora had been adopted a couple of times before and how she’d been brought back- and that she’d actually been with QHS a long time. There is some physical evidence that suggests she did not have a happy puppy-hood before that either, but she was lucky enough to find QHS and they kept her happy and healthy until somebody who appreciated her might come along.  It occurred to me while Cora was playing with them that I was essentially taking away “their dog”. There were a few tears the next day when I picked her up to take her home and they had to say their last goodbye to her.  It was a happy day, but a sad one too.

It’s a long drive from Illinois to Wisconsin, and while traveling home I decided that Cora and I would keep in touch with her friends there.  If she’d only been with them a week or two it might be different, but Cora was their girl before she became mine and she was special.  So once we were home they heard how Cora found her brand new dog bed all by herself and that she slept in it all the time- for about two weeks until I asked her if she wanted to come and watch TV with me on my bed.  After that she used her dog bed in the day-time and has slept at my feet at night-time. Cora is a very happy house dog now who loves to eat and sleep, but she’ll practically do cartwheels if she gets to go for ride in the car.   She is such an affectionate girl and all she’s ever asks for is a little love – she gets plenty of that.  How anyone could have given her up in the first place still astounds me, but their loss was our good fortunate and Cora and I are both eternally grateful to QHS for saving her and for taking such good care of her.  They’re a great group of people who do wonderful work and our thanks go out to each of them.  There’s something very special about a rescue dog and I’d encourage anybody to look at QHS for a pet before looking anywhere else.              



Optimus is pretty much the best dog ever, and I knew he was for us the moment I saw him on the website! He has fit right in with our family over the last few months, and even though we’ve had our ups and downs, we wouldn’t change a thing. Optimus and our daughter, Allison, are quickly becoming best friends and are always together! Even though he is pushing 65lbs (he may have gained a little weight since coming home), Optimus is still a puppy at heart! His favorite things to do are; go on walks, play tug, chase our two kitties, take long naps on the couch, play with the neighbor dogs, and come visit his old buddies at the Humane Society! Thank you so much for giving our big guy a chance!




RachelHere’s some individual shots of Phoebe, Marcelina (Marcie for short) & Dexter.  They have all brought us such joy into our hearts & we love them all so very much. Phoebe can get comfy anywhere there is a blanket, Marcie loves the sunny outdoors, and Dexter, well, he’s pretty much a happy little camper in any situation.

Thank you!