Holiday Breakout

Quincy Humane Society’s Holiday Breakout was created to give our shelter dogs a break
from the kennel environment.
We are extremely fortunate to be able to provide food, toys, a warm bed, and love to the animals while our adoptable animals are in our care, but at the end of the day,
nothing beats a FURever home.
Interested in opening your home to a shelter animal just for the holiday?
We have some wonderful furry friends and we would love for you to meet them!
Below is information on how you can sign up for Holiday Breakout.

Fill out our Holiday Breakout Application Now!


  • I want to make a difference for a shelter animal, but I don’t have any supplies. Do I need to go buy anything?
    Quincy Humane Society is grateful for you and your willingness to open your home to an animal in need.
    We provide anything you may need for your furry visitor. A kennel and some bedding, toys, food, dishes, and of course a few treats!
  • I can’t adopt at this time but have the ability to open my home for a temporary stay. Am I still able to participate?
    Absolutely! Our Home for the Holidays Holiday Breakout was designed to give our shelter animals a break from the kennel environment.
    Welcoming an animal into your home, even for a temporary stay, helps us learn more about that animal.
  • What happens if I have no intention of adopting but fall in love with the animal and I want to adopt?
    Let’s sign adoption papers! While we do have a few further questions to ask outside of the Home for the Holidays application, we can schedule an adoption! 
  • Why do I have to fill out this application?
    We want this to be a fun and safe experience for you and your family and for our animals!
    By filling out our application we get to know you, the home you will provide, even if temporarily, and we can find an animal that will fit in well with your lifestyle and home! 
  • Why can I not just take them home on December 24th and bring them back on December 26th?
    While this is how we used to do our holiday breakout, we want this to be a fun experience for both you and the animal.
    It takes a little bit for an animal to get used to its new surroundings and by taking home a few days early, you both can have some time to adjust before all of the holiday hustle and bustle. 
  • What happens if I need to bring them back before Christmas because it’s not working out?    
    No problem! This is why we allow the extra time to get situated.
    Our team will be on call to meet you at the shelter if you need to return prior to the agreed upon return date.

– – – –

Please note, our Holiday Breakout is for dogs 4 months and older.
While we would love to send home our cats and kittens, it is more stressful for them to adjust to a new environment in a short amount of time.
All Holiday Breakout applicants must pass a background check, property check, and vet check.
Any Holiday Breakout applicants must have an approved application before taking an animal home.