We have helped thousands of animals in the area. Whether we are matching families with their forever friend or helping with our Spay/Neuter program, we are here to help the Quincy area. Below you will find several testimonials of happy families and animals!



Optimus is pretty much the best dog ever, and I knew he was for us the moment I saw him on the website! He has fit right in with our family over the last few months, and even though we’ve had our ups and downs, we wouldn’t change a thing. Optimus and our daughter, Allison, are quickly becoming best friends and are always together! Even though he is pushing 65lbs (he may have gained a little weight since coming home), Optimus is still a puppy at heart! His favorite things to do are; go on walks, play tug, chase our two kitties, take long naps on the couch, play with the neighbor dogs, and come visit his old buddies at the Humane Society! Thank you so much for giving our big guy a chance!






Here’s some individual shots of Phoebe, Marcelina (Marcie for short) & Dexter.  They have all brought us such joy into our hearts & we love them all so very much. Phoebe can get comfy anywhere there is a blanket, Marcie loves the sunny outdoors, and Dexter, well, he’s pretty much a happy little camper in any situation.

Thank you!




I want to express my gratitude for allowing me to adopt Petunia, also known as “Snoops”. Thank you to Victoria for letting me know that Petunia was available for adoption. 
Thank you for all of the medical treatment given for Petunia’s heartworm infection. She is alive today as a result of the Quincy Humane Society. She is thriving and has gained 5 pounds since coming to live with me. I am spoiling her by treating her to shampoos at the spa and I feed her only the best food (Hills Science Diet). 
Petunia has been God’s gift to me. She needed me and I needed her after the death of my 12 year old therapy dog. 
Thank you for the wonderful things that you do for both people and animals